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Wedding Day 28/7/01 - Peter & Gramatia Annett.

2001 proved to be a big year in my life.The most important event occurred on 28/7/01 when I married Gramatia Makridis at Templestowe. The 3.00PM service was followed by a Reception in Box Hill which was attended by about 180 guests.I must apologise for the ordinary quality of the photo's,we do look marginally better than this in real life.

Below are a few photo's from the big day.

Some Photo's from The Big Day

Signing our lives away

Here we are signing the Marriage Certificate.

A Smiling Gramatia & Peter
A Happy Shot outside the church

Outside the church
Outside of the church

The Bridal Party in Kew

The Bridal Party in the Gardens in Kew.

Peter's Mum & Gramatia's Parents
Here we are with my Mum & Gramatia's parents.Sorry for the poor quality in the photo's, they appear to have lost something in the process.We really are stunningly good looking people usually.

My Family
This is my family.My brother Paul & his wife Helen,My mother(Joan),and my sister Kaye is on the right of us. Note we usually don't have the blue spots on our face.

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Updated: 12/1/02

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