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This is a photo of me at the Calarer bridge sitting on a log.




This is a photo of me in the back of Truckie at the tip with auntie Kaye.

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I like to play football.

I like to play cricket.

Bart Simpson

I like swimming.

I like to play on the computer.

I like to play with playdoh.

I like to paint.

I like to play.


My Family

Auntie is Kaye,

Mum is Gramatia,

Dad is peter,

Sister is Kristina,

Grandma is Anna .


Australian FlagBart Simpson

How old everyone is in my family


I am 9 years old

Gramatia is 47 years old

Peter is 49 years old

Kaye is 59 years old

Anna is 75 years old

Kristina is 5 years old